chocolate and politics


The other day, I was sitting with one of my good friends and they asked me “Do you ever think about how others perceive you?” Since then, I have been pondering that question and wondering how others perceive me, especially with the way I portray myself online. When I started putting my thoughts and opinionsContinue reading “HOW OTHERS PERCEIVE YOU”


There is no one way to ensure happiness. Some people seem to have everything and still can’t find joy, while others have virtually nothing and can’t stop smiling. In some ways, we aren’t in control of our mood, and as humans, our mood is very volatile. Happiness is a temporary feeling, while joy is aContinue reading “THIS IS HOW TO BE HAPPY”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Ria, a 15 year old girl who works to help people and document her life! Here I am, figuring out my life with you. Be on the lookout for posts on social and political issues, and also some fun things as I go along.

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