I never understood what people meant when they said that are “different kinds of lonely”. A time ago, I was the loneliest I had ever been. Not only did I not have anybody, I directly had people telling me did not want me and diminishing my worth to something I knew it was not. InContinue reading “ALONE VS LONELY”


It is a good day to drink a cup of coffee and write. Welcome back to Chocolate and Politics. I know it has been what seems like an everlasting hiatus as my blog posts slowly tapered off into oblivion. But, I owe you an explanation: about where I have been, what I have been doing,Continue reading “WELCOME TO SEASON 2”


I am someone who experiences high highs and low lows. There are days when I smile at every stranger I see, walk with my head held high, and sing embarrassing songs with the car windows down and zero care about anyone who may be watching me. Then there are other days. The ones where myContinue reading “YOU DEFINE YOU”

HELLO 2023

The past year has been a medley of ups and downs. A year ago my life was wildly different, at least in my eyes, and I never could have predicted the way small decisions and events would shape my current disposition. Nonetheless, as I contemplate each month of 2022, I realize how slowly these changesContinue reading “HELLO 2023”


Thinking back, there have been multiple points in my life when I knew I was growing up. I knew it when I first learned to tie my shoelaces the cool way rather than looping bunny ears. I knew it when I received my first car and could go anywhere my feet couldn’t take me. And,Continue reading “GROWING UP”


Six months ago I stepped into a gym for the first time. After years of a tumultuous relationship with exercise, and with the end of another dance season, I looked to expand my definition of movement beyond the rigid confines I had placed on it. Funny enough, these limits never included the common lugging ofContinue reading “MY GUIDE TO STRENGTH”


Take a deep breath. We are about to get deep here. Insecurities: let’s talk about them. Whether you make them known or not, whether you even know them yourself, insecurities are something we all deal with to varying extents. They stem from the way we view ourselves, and while many tend to think of insecuritiesContinue reading “INSECURITIES”


I remember my freshman year like it was just yesterday. I was the girl who was always a step ahead — turning assignments in long before the deadline, doing work the day it was assigned, and never quite understanding why everyone found the IB program so unmanageable. Fast forward to today when I am studyingContinue reading “MANAGING STRESS AND FINDING WORK-LIFE BALANCE”


I am a music person, always have been. I love listening to playlists curated for specific moments, capturing the exact mood in a way words simply can’t. However, over time, I have also come to find the beauty in podcasts. The simplicity of hearing someone else’s voice brings a type of comfort, and can evenContinue reading “MY FAVORITE PODCASTS”


Today is Monday, a generally dreaded day. However, I am happy that today is Monday because it marks my first full week back from vacation. Each time I stray from my daily routine, I always find it comforting to once again return to it. The simple actions of waking up, making my own breakfast, doingContinue reading “THE SCARIES”