Astrology is something I have always been deeply fascinated with. It is something that I personally hold ties to, for much of current westernized astrology holds deep roots in Vedic astrology which “contains within it the rich spiritual traditions and myths of ancient Indian culture” (Pamela McDonough). Astrology was consulted when my parents got married to ensure their compatibility and is central to many beliefs held in the Indian culture.

In America, astrology is either something people whole-heartedly trust, believing that it reveals unforeseen truths about their personality and future, or it is thought of as a fantastical joke. However you may see it, the question is left unanswered: “Is astrology valid?” From my perspective, astrology is a deeply personal belief and in some ways, is similar to the hold some have on religion. Its principles are used as a guiding factor for many on how to take care of and better understand themselves. Without much of the downside that can come with strict adherence to orthodox religion, I find astrology to be more spiritual and introspective. Nonetheless, I do see people using it as another way to tear others down often times when they view themselves as an “expert” on the matter. When one makes general assumptions, blanket statements like “I hate Gemini men” or “All Aries are annoying”, this is again using a largely unbacked science to create division. The bottom line is that, like with anything, everyone is entitled to their opinion on astrology and can find a mass of absorbing information on it– so long as it is not used to tear others down.

So, now for the more interactive and interesting part… beginning your individual journey with astrology. Whether or not you fully believe in its teachings or verity, it is still interesting to read about. More than that, it can be equally fascinating to read about the astrological profiles of those you are close to, possibly finding out why you are close to these kinds of people. In (western) astrology, each person possesses what is known as the “big three”: a sun sign, a moon sign, and a rising sign. These can be calculated with various online calculators (such as this one by Cafe Astrology) so long as you know your birth date, birth place, and birth time. Each part of your astrological chart tells something different about you and the types of people/situations you prefer to surround yourself with. If you chose to put some trust into it, it can actually be very telling and allow for self discovery.

Here, I will be sharing what each of the “Big Three” tells about you and also sharing my “Big Three” as an example.

  1. Sun Sign: Sagittarius

The sun sign is the most “basic” sign that even those who know so little about astrology are probably aware of. Your sun sign represents your ego, life path, and your most evident personality traits. In addition, it can help you determine your own strengths and weaknesses. It gives a general overview of who you are and is also great for matching compatibility.

A sun in Sagittarius means that you are a “bold fire sign that loves to travel, have fun, and learn new things. You are known for your optimism and your fun, upbeat nature. Never satisfied with the bare minimum, everything you do is big — from the way you think to the way you talk, interact, and carry yourself every day. You have grand visions, and you intend to live up to them.” (From:

2. Moon Sign: Capricorn

In short, your moon sign represents your emotional or subconscious self. This is the part of yourself that is more subdued and overtly visible to you, rather than others. It dictates instinctual reactions and how you internalize the world. In addition, it is an indicator of what your inner child needs in order to feel nurtured. Your moon sign tends to come out when you are with those whom you feel most comfortable with. Having compatible moon signs signals a deeper relationship, someone you feel “at home” with.

“Capricorn moons are some of the most reliable people of the Zodiac. They’re known for feeling a strong sense of responsibility toward their own values, principles, and goals and letting that sense of responsibility guide their everyday actions. They are relentlessly ambitious and are willing to work extra hard to gain recognition. Capricorn moons take their responsibilities very seriously, and they tend to react emotionally if they fail to accomplish something. They can definitely benefit from integrating some self-compassion into their perceptions of themselves” (From: PrepScholar)

3. Rising/Ascendant Sign: Scorpio

Your rising sign is representative of how others perceive you, meaning it reflects the energy you omit in your personality and life. It is the general impression you relay to people and your spontaneous reactions. It is often the “first sign” people will meet before getting to know you better and discovering the aspects of your sun and moon signs. Your rising sign represents your physical body and outward style. Moreover, it is reflective on what you want the world to see of you, versus what you truly are.

“Scorpio is a sign of great magnetism. The Scorpio rising individual has strong, churning emotions that are often kept concealed. If this is you, others find you mysterious and secretive. There’s an intensity to your personality that makes you intimidating. Nobody trifles with you—or they soon learn not to. You are highly intuitive, and you read a situation on many levels before acting. Sometimes you hold back, allowing others to reveal themselves and their true motives. You know when to observe and when to strike.” (From LiveAbout)

In a very compact nutshell, that is astrology. Still, astrology is a never ending rabbit-hole with information that will keep you reflecting, wondering, and learning forever. One of my goals is to immerse myself more in the ancient “science”. Although I know it is often discounted as silly or unjustified, I do find a deal of truth in it and it gives me comfort knowing that I am taking time to understand who I am as a person, and how that can translate into the way I treat those around me. In conjunction with science, religion, self-discovery, and reading, astrology is another piece of atavistic knowledge to hold on to– in whatever capacity you choose.

I urge you to share your “big three” and any new knowledge you gain with me either through private message or in the comments below. Sometimes, in a world of darkness, the best place to look to is the stars.

Happy Living 🙂 (& Happy October!)

“Astrology is like a drug to a more cosmic world view” -Ruby Warrington

END NOTE: Please keep in mind that I am not an avid follower or proponent of astrology. I enjoy reading about it in my free time and feel it is something interesting to share with those who have not explored it yet. Please do not make guided decisions based solely on astrology without consulting other factors as well.

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