From the first day I begin writing my own personal blog, I have had an idea for this exact post. I have wanted to curate a well-rounded review of the International Baccalaureate Program for the past four years, and it became more deeply rooted each time I saw another one of my peers leave forContinue reading “WAS IB WORTH IT?”


It is a good day to drink a cup of coffee and write. Welcome back to Chocolate and Politics. I know it has been what seems like an everlasting hiatus as my blog posts slowly tapered off into oblivion. But, I owe you an explanation: about where I have been, what I have been doing,Continue reading “WELCOME TO SEASON 2”


With it being the first full week of June, I thought it’s now a good time to begin a new segment in the Chocolate and Politics register: monthly favorites. In order to break up the philosophical, profound blog posts with something a bit lighter and easier to digest I am introducing a monthly roundup ofContinue reading “THE MONTH OF MAY”