I am a music person, always have been. I love listening to playlists curated for specific moments, capturing the exact mood in a way words simply can’t. However, over time, I have also come to find the beauty in podcasts. The simplicity of hearing someone else’s voice brings a type of comfort, and can evenContinue reading “MY FAVORITE PODCASTS”


Over the last week, I have felt overwhelmed with the amount of studying I have been doing for various tests, quizzes, and essays. Although it can be incredibly stressful, the center of our education system for a long time has been testing because it is a straightforward way to evaluate how much a student knows.Continue reading “EFFECTIVE STUDYING: MY TOP TIPS”


History is a complex and multi-faceted subject. It is literally and simply defined as the past: past events, significant figures of the past, and the past decisions which have created the circumstances in which the world lives today. However, with history being focused on the past, it is natural to ignore the fact that theContinue reading “HISTORY IN THE MAKING”


The world moves very quickly and sometimes it is difficult to keep up. Just this past weekend, so much has changed and altered the lives of a massive amount of people. The thing is though, however surreal it may seem, that most people have no clue about what is going on around the world. Now,Continue reading “GLOBAL SIGNIFICANCE”


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born March 15, 1933 in Brooklyn New York. Like countless other girls, she was a fun-loving student and cheerleader throughout high school. However, when her mother died of cancer shortly before Ginsburg’s graduation from high school, it instilled a passion in her to create a world her mother could have onlyContinue reading “RIP RUTH BADER GINSBURG”