Today was my first official day of summer. Normally, summer is an exciting time for all the opportunities it brings with it. However, this year, summer feels a bit different. I am excited about summer but not necessarily because I get to spend all my time with friends or go out every day. I amContinue reading “A DIFFERENT KIND OF SUMMER”


Today officially marks one week since my seventeenth birthday. As with each year, seventeen does not seem to hold any more weight than sixteen. Yet, when I reflect on all my prior birthdays, I notice the minor qualities that I have developed with each passing year and life experience. As I explained in the postContinue reading “DEAR YOUNGER RIA”


I always thought of the Fourth of July as just another day. In school I learned that every year, it commemorated the day in 1776 when the Second Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence and the official separation of the 13 original colonies from Great Britain. We learned about the Boston Tea Party, weContinue reading “THE FOURTH OF JULY”


The other day, I was sitting with one of my good friends and they asked me “Do you ever think about how others perceive you?” Since then, I have been pondering that question and wondering how others perceive me, especially with the way I portray myself online. When I started putting my thoughts and opinionsContinue reading “HOW OTHERS PERCEIVE YOU”


I was born in 2004 to two Indian parents who immigrated to the United States from India some thirteen years earlier. At the time, they had lived in different parts of America including New Orleans, Louisiana and Detroit, Michigan, where my brother was born in 1994. Growing up, I was exposed to both the AmericanContinue reading “BALANCING TWO CULTURES”


For as long as I can remember, there have been two things you should never talk about. Religion and politics. It’s understandable why these two topics are avoided. Often, when a conversation about religion or politics is started, people get angry and confrontational. In theory, yes, it may not be the most appropriate dining tableContinue reading “THE “P WORD””