Thinking back, there have been multiple points in my life when I knew I was growing up. I knew it when I first learned to tie my shoelaces the cool way rather than looping bunny ears. I knew it when I received my first car and could go anywhere my feet couldn’t take me. And,Continue reading “GROWING UP”


*Adapted from a personal journal entry* 🙂 There are some inevitabilities in life. Children are born. They grow into adults. They meet new people and travel to new places and have crazy experiences to later tell when they are aged and only have flighty memories left. People grow and change; sometimes they do not. SometimesContinue reading “THE SEASONS OF LIFE”


As a child, I was wildly creative. I genuinely did not care what others thought of me; painting on walls and writing my own music, and making movies with friends. Growing from this carefree child into who I am today, I ultimately lost the time and, with that, the fervor for creating. My days wereContinue reading “WHY YOU ARE NOT INSPIRED”


In case you aren’t in high school, let me explain to you how dating in high school is both the same and different than dating in the “real world”. In high school, there are a number of status symbols and things that make you look good that shockingly, don’t solely encompass materialistic items. If IContinue reading “DATING IN HIGH SCHOOL”